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In this new version, the styled links above are centered!
They're inside an invisible table.
There is only one such table and it contains all three links.
The table consists of only one row with one cell.
The styled links are still left-aligned.
But the table itself is center-aligned.
The width of the table is set at just the right size to make this work.
The table has to be wider than the total width of the links.
Or else one or more of the links will be forced into a position below the others.
The left-most link is against the inside-left boundary of the table.
The table can't be too wide or else the links will be to far to the left to be centered.
The table must have just the right width for the links to fit in just right.
In the present case here, each link has a width of 100.
The width of the table is 340.
The number 340 was arrived at by trial and error.
Maybe you can work out a formula for this.

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